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Adventures of Chris & Raymond – The Zombie Sleepover, by author Meldy Wilton and Illustrator Richard P Broad, now available to purchase in time for your Christmas Shopping.
November 26, 2021: Victoria, British Columbia – (eRelease) Long awaited release of the children’s book,
Adventures of Chris & Raymond – The Zombie Sleepover by author Meldy Wilton & Illustrator Richard P Broad is now available through FriesenPress. The well-paced story and fun illustrations are sure to capture a child’s imagination as they enter the world of Adventures of Chris and Raymond.

Adventures of Chris & Raymond – The Zombie Sleepover is the first book in a series of children’s adventure books. Chris and Raymond are two 11 years old children that live next door to each other and are best friends. Their wonderful imaginations take them on a journey of self-discovery as they go through a series of adventures furthering their friendship and close bonds with each other while discovery the world around them. They are always ready for the next adventure, never knowing that an ordinary day may end up not so ordinary. After being drawn into the dancing zombie realm, Chris and Raymond tire and want to return home. What is real and what is imagination?

Author Meldy Wilton and Illustrator Richard Broad combine their years of writing and artwork to bring together a series of children’s books for children to use their imaginations while encouraging good decision making. Meldy has won awards for her writing, plays and poetry while Richard has awards for art and illustrating. Together they form a partnership to bring fun and adventure to a new series of children’s books. Check out the facebook page for the Adventures of Chris & Raymond and the author page Meldy Wilton – Writer- Poet